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Jo Leighton - album and single

Eljay Records Discography:
  • "Oceans of Love" album - Jo Leighton - released 19.8.94 - cat no. LJCD 001 - distributed by Scratch/BMG - available at Virgin Record Shop, Oxford Street, London or Tower Records, Piccadilly, London
  • "Love You Now"
    single - Jo Leighton - released May 1995 - cat. no. C7LJ 001 - distributed by Scratch/BMG.

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Jo Leighton - Biography

"I was born Joanne Elizabeth Leighton on 15th June, 1972 in Wrexham Maelor Hospital, Wrexham and have lived in the Wrexham area all my life.

I have been singing since the age of nine, my first performance being an Air Hostess in the school play, the highlight for me being asked to sing Leaving on a Jet Plane as one of the main songs in the show.

After learning to play recorder from age six and giving up the violin at seven, I dabbled for a while on the piano, and once I moved to secondary school proceeded to some more, eventually teaching myself. I also played drums and clarinet for a while and still continue to play both guitar and bass guitar.

During my years in Ruabon Secondary School, I continued to sing and progressed to understanding music rather than just singing it and appreciate different types of music, as well as singing in the Choir and Eisteddfod (an annual singing/poetry event).

After leaving school, I joined various bands for some pocket money and experience. It was in the last of these bands that I met up with Jeff Jones, a guitarist from Ruthin, who gave me the opportunity to show off by asking me to record a dance track he had written. This led to many other tracks being penned by Jeff and myself, along with the help of K-Klass Studios in Wrexham, The Pharmacy.

The track Feel was taken up by Global Grooves, who offered Jeff and I a one-record deal.

I have three brothers and three sisters, four nieces and five nephews.

Likes: Crowded House, Soul Music, Italian and Indian Food.

Dislikes: The M25, Ignorance, Cats."

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